Stuff We Need To Tell You

We have some things we must tell our visitors so please take note of the following;

Last Entry And Re-Entry To The Club Is 11 PM

Management Reserves The Right To Refuse Entry

As we make clear on our online ticket purchasing facilities, the Club is a strictly Over-25 years of age venue. If you have purchased a ticket online and you are under 25 years old, then we regret that no refunds are available.

We don’t have many rules but those we do have, we expect our visitors to follow. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that apply to MJ’s Live Music Venue.

What We Like

Good Behaviour is essential in the Club and we appreciate our visitor’s good conduct.

No Smoking in the club is appreciated. We are a non-smoking establishment.

What We Don’t

Drugs – we have a zero tolerance policy towards the use of, or carrying of, Drugs inside the club or its entrance. Anyone found to be using or carrying Drugs will be asked to leave and the police will be called if required.

Food And Drink Purchases made outside the Club cannot be brought into the club for consumption.

Aggressive Behaviour by any Club visitors will result in immediate ejection from the Club. Police will be called if the situation demands it.

Hoodies, Trainers, Hats And Tracksuits if worn by visitors will not be permitted in the Club.

Photography By The Club

Visitors agree to be photographed, filmed or recorded as part of the audience if photography is taking place in support of the Club or it’s Events. All video, photo and audio materials acquired by the Club is subject to be used in promotional materials without any limitations of time and space and at the sole discretion of the Club and its marketing partners.